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Halal butchers fined £5,000 for illegally dumping waste

Halal butcher fined £5,000 for illegally dumping waste
Halal butcher fined £5,000 for illegally dumping waste
Hamed Ahmed of Quality Halal Meats, Deane Road, admitted putting bloody food wrappings and other items in the bins outside his home in Thornbank East.
In August 2017, the council was asked to investigate by housing landlord Bolton at Home after caretakers found large amounts of business waste in a communal bin compound at the flats. It was preventing other residents disposing of their waste properly.
An enforcement officer monitored the situation for several weeks during which time paperwork, till receipts for Quality Halal Meats and bundles of white plastic wrapping covered in blood were left in and around the bins. 
The officer also found butchers’ equipment, trays, loose paper and food waste which had also attracted maggots.
The waste was traced to Ahmed who admitted taking it home from his business. Despite being told that he was committing offences, he left more waste in the compound.
Ahmed pleaded guilty at Bolton Magistrates’ Court on January 15 to five counts of breaching his duty of care by allowing waste to escape his control, three counts of fly tipping and four counts of illegally transporting business waste. 
He was fined £5,205 and has to pay costs of £1,035 and a £170 victim surcharge.
Bolton Council’s Executive Cabinet Member for Environmental Services, Cllr Nick Peel, said: “There is no excuse for dumping rubbish in this way. This waste attracted maggots which is unacceptable and unfair to other residents who had to put up with it.
“Most of our businesses dispose of their waste responsibly but we will continue to work closely with our partners to crack down those who fail to do so.
Asian Image:
“We are pleased with the substantial fine; it sends a clear message that we will prosecute those who blight our neighbourhoods.” 
Zsaneta Stojkova of Mayor Street was also fined £220 and has to pay £300 costs and a £30 victim surcharge after dumping a table, a chair, a unit, carpet, clothes, wood and rubbish behind her home.
She was initially issued with an £80 fixed penalty notice by an enforcement officer that she did not pay.
Stojkova was proved in absence at Bolton Magistrates’ Court on January 15 of illegally depositing waste.

Builder ‘kidnapped, raped and cut throats of two women’

Court artist sketch by Elizabeth Cook of Vincent Tappu (left) and Mujahid Arshid in the dock of the Old Bailey, London where Arshid is on trial accused of the kidnap, rape and murder of his niece, Celine Dookhran, and the attempted murder of another woman
Court artist sketch by Elizabeth Cook of Vincent Tappu (left) and Mujahid Arshid in the dock of the Old Bailey, London where Arshid is on trial accused of the kidnap, rape and murder of his niece, Celine Dookhran, and the attempted murder of another woman
Mujahid Arshid, 33, had planned for weeks to abduct the two “attractive” women, kill them and dump their bodies in the deep freeze, the Old Bailey heard.
He recruited labourer Vincent Tappu to abduct the pair, wearing balaclavas and gloves, jurors were told.
Bound, gagged and covered in a dust sheet, he allegedly bundled them into the boot of his car and took them to a house he was renovating.
While there, Arshid raped both women and attacked them with a lock knife, jurors were told.
One of the women managed to escape death and raise the alarm by persuading him they could be together, the court heard.
Officers went to the six-bedroom house in Wimbledon, south west London, and discovered the body of Celine Dookhran, 20, in a locked freezer in a utility room.
Arshid is on trial accused of the kidnap, rape and murder of his niece, Ms Dookhran, and the attempted murder of the other woman, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, in July last year.
Prosecutor Crispin Aylett QC told jurors the case was “simply horrific”.
He said the defendant had become “sexually fixated” with the women, and resolved “if he cannot have them no-one could”.
At the time, both women had got boyfriends and Ms Dookhran had moved into Arshid’s home, after falling out with her parents over her love life.
The defendant had allegedly abused the other woman when she was aged 13 and was “beside himself with rage” that she was going out with someone else, the court heard.
Mr Aylett said: “The evidence in this case shows that, for a period of about three weeks before July 19 last year, the first defendant was planning to kidnap both young women.
“Thereafter, and it is as bizarre as it is terrible, he intended to rape them both before murdering them and disposing of their bodies.
“To that end he considered either putting them in acid or else concealing them in a deep freezer.”
On the evening of Tuesday July 18, Ms Dookhran, who worked at Barclays Bank in Mitcham, south west London, was put under pressure to split up with her boyfriend and Arshid put his plan into action, the court heard.
Wearing balaclavas and gloves, the defendants stuffed socks into the women’s mouths and bound their hands and feet before Arshid drove to the Wimbledon house with them in the boot, the court
Two days before, Arshid had installed a chest-high deep freezer into the utility room, Mr Aylett said.
Armed with a lock knife, Arshid allegedly raped each woman in turn in an upstairs bedroom.
Mr Aylett said: “The defendant took Celine back upstairs. He cut her throat in the bathroom, most likely with the lock knife.
“With her mouth still stuffed with a sock, Celine died from the combined effect of the restriction of her airways and lost blood.”
Later, he took the other woman upstairs again and cut her throat, the court heard.
In a desperate bid for survival, she duped him into believing they could still be together, jurors heard.
Mr Aylett said: “It must have been the defendant’s intention to murder both women and to conceal their bodies in the deep freezer of an unoccupied house in the confident expectation that their bodies would not be found for many months.
“Even though he had accomplished but half of his plan, the defendant nonetheless put Celine’s dead body into the freezer. He then locked it using a padlock that he had brought with him.”
The women’s mothers became “frantic” with worry when they went missing and eventually the surviving woman was able to ring in and raise the alarm, even though she did not know where she was.
After leaving with Arshid, she was taken to hospital by his brother, the court heard.
She gave police a description of the house and the officers found Ms Dookhran’s body in the freezer.
Meanwhile, Arshid fled to the Kent coast and was arrested at a hotel in Folkestone, the court heard.
Arshid, of no fixed address, and Tappu, 28, of Spencer Road, Acton, west London, deny the charges against them.
Arshid is accused of murder, attempted murder, rape of both women and the earlier sexual assault and assault by penetration of the surviving woman.
He is jointly charged with Tappu of both women’s kidnap and false imprisonment, and possession of a firearm with intent.
The court heard Ms Dookhran’s family disapproved of her boyfriend Omar because he was from Libya, and not Pakistan.
The couple appeared to bow to pressure, although Omar has since said they were just pretending and had no intention to stop seeing each other, jurors heard.
Mr Aylett said: “The defendant had been hatching his murdeorus plan for several weeks before he actually brought it into effect.
“The prosecution suggest that he must have realised that two young women whom he adored were both slipping away from him. If he could not have them, he would make sure that nobody else could either.”
He told how the property Arshid had earmarked was a three-storey house in Coombe Lane West, between Wimbledon and Kingston.
The owner wanted to convert it into two flats and approached Arshid to do the work in June last year as he was awaiting planning consent.
Mr Aylett suggested Arshid brought the deep freezer to the house in advance to stop the bodies from smelling as they decomposed.
The court heard a taser was used in the abduction of the two women.
Once at the empty house, Arshid acted out his “sexual fantasies”, Mr Aylett said.
According to the account of the surviving victim, Ms Dookhran screamed as she was raped.
Afterwards, he ordered her to climb into the freezer but changed his mind and let her out.
The surviving victim allegedly pleaded with him saying: “We know you’re hurting, you can leave us two right now, walk out of that door.”
Mr Aylett said: “If he had originally intended to leave Celine to freeze to death, he must now have decided that he would have to kill her with the knife and then, only once she was dead, put her body in the freezer.”
Later, the woman heard more screams as Arshid allegedly killed Ms Dookhran.
The woman refused to get into the freezer as well, and Arshid allegedly told her: “I’m this close to slitting your wrist and getting this rope and tying it round your neck and just killing you here right now.”
As he led her upstairs again, Arshid told her Ms Dookhran was “sleeping”, the jury heard.
He went on to cut the woman’s neck, chest and stomach and bang her head against the floor.
Arshid went on to sexually assault her and when he realised she was still alive, allegedly said: “You should have seen Celine when I cut her neck, there was so much blood, oh my God,” the court heard.
As she tried to talk him around, the defendant described himself as a “nasty, horrible, evil person”, the court heard.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

‘ISIS-inspired’ mosque teacher, 25, ‘prepared students for terror acts by showing them beheading videos

  • Umar Ahmed Haque allegedly planned attacks and showed pupils sick videos
  • Denies charges including preparing terrorism and spreading terror propaganda
  • Muhammad Abid, 27, denies failing to disclose information about Haque
  • Another defendant, Abuthaher Mamun, 19, denies preparation of terrorist acts
  • Nadeem Ilyas Patel, 26, also from east London, admits having prohibited weapon
  • Patel denies conspiracy to possess firearm with intent to cause fear of violence   
Umar Ahmed Haque, 25,(seen in a sketch from the Old Bailey today) allegedly planned atrocities across London when he was working at the Lantern of Knowledge Islamic boys secondary school in Leyton, east London, where he taught
Umar Ahmed Haque, 25,(seen in a sketch from the Old Bailey today) allegedly planned atrocities across London when he was working at the Lantern of Knowledge Islamic boys secondary school in Leyton, east London, where he taught
An ISIS-inspired mosque teacher prepared his students for acts of terror with physical training and role playing classes as he plotted strikes on targets including Big Ben and the Queen's Guard, the Old Bailey heard.
Umar Ahmed Haque, 25, allegedly planned atrocities across London when he was working at the Lantern of Knowledge Islamic boys secondary school in Leyton, east London, where he taught.
He denies showing videos of beheadings to pupils at the school or plotting terrorist acts, but admits training children at the Ripple Road Mosque in Barking, east London, where he also taught.
Haque, who allegedly planned attacks on Big Ben and the Queen's Guard, has confessed to having copies of the ISIS magazine Rumiyah.
Prosecutor Mark Heywood QC said Haque decided in 2016 and early 2017 to carry out one or more violent attacks in this country.
Haque became obsessed by the Westminster attacks of March 22 2017 in which which five people die and more than 50 people injured.
'It proved to be for him a subject of fascination and contemplation, as you will hear him say in due course,' Mr Heywood said.
In covert recordings with fellow accused terrorist Abuthaher Mamun, 19, Haque said, 'We are here to cause terrorism, we are a death squad sent by Allah.
'Someone recorded the Prime Minister being bundled into a car and driving away and they were in confusion saying 'don't get out that way'.
'I like to see this, I wanna see these people scared and working for their money.'
Haque expressed fears of a 'snitch' and discussed the justification for killing civilians, jurors were told. 
He allegedly discussed using a car, leaving bombs in a lift, and going for 'a quick spin' around Westminster.  
Abuthaher Mamun, 19, denies preparation of terrorist actsNadeem Patel denies conspiracy to possess firearm with intent to cause fear of violence
Abuthaher Mamun, 19,(left) denies preparation of terrorist acts and Nadeem Patel denies conspiracy to possess firearm with intent to cause fear of violence. They are both depicted in sketches from the Old Bailey today
Mr Heywood said of Haque: 'There is justification of killing civillians, there is reference to the need to deter what Mr Haque calls 'the enemy'.'
Haque praised Osama Bin Laden and IS fighters in Africa as well as Khalid Masood, and had told the police he was a 'loyal soldier' of Islamic State, the court heard.
On 11 April 2016 he attempted to fly from London Heathrow to Istanbul and was stopped by security officers.
He claimed he was going on a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia after a few days holiday in Istanbul.
Haque was in possession of two mobile phones which he had used to visit news sites about the terror attacks in France and Belgium and Syrian beheadings.
Haque is on trial with Nadeem Ilyas Patel, 26, who allegedly plotted with him together to obtain a firearm.

Patel denied that charge but admitted to having a Walther P99 handgun adapted to discharge a noxious liquid or gas.

Muhammad Abid, 27, denies failing to disclose information about Haque's terror planning.
Mamun, 19, denies trading in financial options in order to finance the attack allegedly plotted by Haque.

All four men were detained in a string of raids on May 17 after an investigation by MI5 and the Metropolitan Police's Counter Terrorism Command.

Haque, of Forest Gate, east London, denies two counts of preparing to commit acts of terrorism, one count of dissemination of terrorist publications and one count of conspiracy to possess a firearm with intent to cause fear of violence.

He admits to dissemination of terrorist publications, and four counts of collection of information likely to be useful to a terrorist.

Abid, of Manor Park, denies failing to disclose information about Haque.
Mamun, of Barking, denies preparation of terrorist acts.

Patel, of Forest Gate, denies conspiracy to possess a firearm with intent to cause fear of violence. He admits possession of a prohibited weapon.

The trial continues.

Islamic school slammed in Ofsted for 'inappropriate' books on shelves

AN INDEPENDENT Islamic school in Luton has been slammed by inspectors after they found children washing cutlery in bathroom sinks and books which do not promote British values, written by an author expelled or barred from Britain.

The school has been blasted for its choice of books
The school has been blasted for its choice of books
Pupils at The Olive Tree Primary School in Luton even had to ask for toilet paper as it wasn’t provided in the bathrooms.
The school is for 80 students between five and 11 years old.
An inspection, and follow up six months later, from education watchdog Ofsted, found a number of standards were not met at the school.
The report stated pulls had to ask an adult for toilet tissue as they did not “have toilet tissue, soap or hand-drying facilities available in the toilets”.
Inappropriate reading material was found in the library, and was not removed between the inspection and follow up.
The report stated: “Inappropriate books were found in the school’s library that did not promote British values. 
“The books were written by an author who is banned from entering, or has been expelled from, several countries, including Britain. 
“Leaders have not ensured that the risk posed by the texts is mitigated and, as a result, some unsuitable books remain available for pupils to choose and read either intentionally or accidentally.”
The school got into a furore in 2014 too
The school got into a furore in 2014 too
Pupils were also found to wash their own cutlery in the bathrooms.
The report said: “Pupils bring their own food to school because there is no facility for the school to provide food for pupils. Pupils wash their cutlery in the toilet basins, where only tepid water is available. 
“It is reported as ‘quite usual’ for children to go into the very small staff kitchen area, unsupervised, to find a spoon. 
“This area was marked ‘no children allowed’.”
Another part of the report said that inspectors found boys would “occasionally show a lack of respect towards female support staff”.
It added: “This was observed by inspectors outside, during lunchtimes and in lessons where boys reluctantly followed instructions from these adults. 
“Some boys have to be constantly prompted to remain respectful, in line with the ethos of the school.”
This isn’t the first time the school has come under fire.
In 2014 Ofsted found books suggesting stoning and lashing as appropriate punishments at the Olive Tree Primary School.
Ofsted said some of the library books at Olive Tree Primary School in Luton contained fundamentalist views which had "no place in British society".
The 2014 report said leaders at the school do not ensure “balanced views of the world”.
The school hit out at the report, which scaled “half-baked” and accused Ofsted of “looking for problems of extremism and intolerance”.
Olive Tree Primary school declined to comment.

Patient sexually assaulted by hospital cleaner as she lay drowsy in her bed on morphine wins five-figure payout

  • Woman, 23, had taken strong painkillers when Ahmed Ismail, 44, groped her
  • Incident happened in hospital bed at Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester
  • She reported matter to police and Ismail was eventually jailed for 18 months 
  • Woman has now spoken of ordeal after receiving payout following civil claim
Ahmed Ismail, 44, was jailed for 18 months after being convicted of sexual assault
Ahmed Ismail, 44, was jailed for 18 months after being convicted of sexual assault
A woman who was sexually assaulted by a hospital cleaner as she lay helpless in bed on morphine says the ordeal left her scared to leave her own home.
The victim, now 27, was an in-patient at Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester when Ahmed Ismail, now 44, groped her as she lay drowsy in bed.
Ismail, who was working as a cleaner at the time, carried out a second sex assault the following day.
The woman, speaking this week after a compensation payout settlement, said she is still scared to leave her home four years after the assaults in 2014.
She said: 'I'm so nervous. I am scared to go out and will only do things like go to the supermarket when somebody can come with me.
'I used to be really bubbly and, as I come from a very large family, I'd always wanted that myself. There's no way I can imagine that happening now.
'I used to be admitted to Wythenshawe Hospital regularly for an ongoing problem. Now I just take oral antibiotics because I'm too scared to go in hospital as an in-patient.'
Ismail was employed at the time by Sodexo as an agency worker.
Law firm Slater and Gordon, which represented the woman in a civil case against both the hospital trust and Sodexo, said she had been 'failed at so many levels'. 
She has now secured a five-figure sum in compensation. The hospital trust have now apologised and say that safety of patients 'is our utmost priority'.

Lawyer Kim Harrison said the victim, from south Manchester, had reported a previous incident involving Ismail to the hospital a month before she was assaulted. 

She cannot be named for legal reasons. Ismail, from Hulme, was convicted of two counts of sexual assault in June 2015.

He denied the offences but was found guilty after a trial at Manchester Magistrates' Court and jailed for 18 months at Manchester Crown Court in April, 2016, after an appeal against his conviction was dismissed, the Crown Prosecution Service said.

He was ordered to sign the sex offenders' register for ten years and a Sexual Harm Prevention Order was also issued, banning him from working in any hospital or establishment where in-patients reside.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said she decided to speak out about the attacks as a warning.

The victim was an in-patient at Wythenshawe Hospital when Ismail groped her as she lay drowsy in bed.

Solicitor Mrs Harrison said the victim was told the prior incident would be documented. 

Ismail (pictured), who was working as a cleaner, carried out a second sex assault the next day
Ismail (pictured), who was working as a cleaner, carried out a second sex assault the next day
She said: 'My client was failed at so many levels. As well as the man who attacked her, by the people she reported concerns to who failed to take adequate measures to protect her until after she had been assaulted on more than one occasion.

'If her original concerns had been treated more seriously, than perhaps the further assaults could have been prevented.

'It's crucial that lessons are learnt by the trust about how to handle reports of inappropriate behaviour at a much earlier stage.'

A spokesman for Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT), which runs Wythenshawe Hospital, said; 'We wish to again extend our sincere apologies to the patient involved.

'The safety and care of our patients is our utmost priority and we are deeply sorry that this incident took place on one of our hospital wards.

Ahmed Ismail was ordered to sign the sex offenders' register for ten years and a Sexual Harm Prevention Order was also issued

'Behaviour of this kind is completely unacceptable and is not tolerated. Following this incident, the Trust immediately launched an investigation to learn lessons that would prevent any further incidents of this nature.

'The learning from this investigation has been shared appropriately and we wish to reassure our patients, the public and our staff that any allegations of unlawful or inappropriate conduct are immediately and thoroughly investigated and the necessary action is taken accordingly.' 

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Britain's top state primary school bans Hijab for under-eights and calls for UK-wide rule

Headteacher Neena Lall
St Stephen's primary school headteacher Neena Lall
And St Stephen's primary school in Newham, east London, is demanding the Government take the lead in establishing a national policy instead of letting individual schools make their own rules – and risk putting themselves in the firing line. 
The school has warned parents to avoid having their children fast throughout the school day during Ramadan as pupils will be sitting summer exams. 
Chairman of governors Arif Qawi said: “We did not ban fasting altogether but we encouraged children to fast in holidays, at weekends and not on the school campus. 
“Here we are responsible for their health and safety if they pass out on campus. It is not fair to us.”
Mr Qawi said he had checked with Muslim clerics who told him that boys should fast from puberty but some St Stephen’s children were fasting from the age of eight or nine.
He urged the Department for Education to “step up and take it out of our hands”. 
He said: “The same for the hijab, it should not be our decision. It is unfair to teachers and very unfair to governors. 
“We are unpaid. Why should we get the backlash?”
A spokesman for the Department for Education said: “It is a matter for individual schools to decide how to accommodate children observing Ramadan, and to set uniform policies. 
“We issue clear guidance on uniform and to help schools understand their legal duties under the Equality Act.” 
Although it is mostly as an optional item a survey of 800 primary schools found that nearly 20 per cent of them list the hijab as part of their uniform for children aged four to eleven.
A campaign led by Amina Lone , of the Social Action and Research Foundation, is fighting for young Muslim girls not to have to wear the hijab in primary schools. 
Headmistress Neena Lall backed the changes and said the school made efforts to integrate pupils into modern British society.
She said: “A couple of years ago I asked the children to put their hands up if they thought they were British.
"Very few children put up their hands. Very few thought they were British. So I thought, okay we've got some work to do here."
St Stephen’s topped the Sunday Times Parent Power school league tables in 2017 and was rated "outstanding" in its last Ofsted report.

Army recruitment video features Muslim soldier praying

The British Army desperately wants to recruit Muslims so as to prove that it is not “Islamophobic.” Great. Will it make any effort to determine whether or not its Muslim recruits harbor jihadist sympathies and will attack their fellow British soldiers before fighting other Muslims? No, that itself would be “Islamophobic.” And so Britain hastens ever more merrily to its own demise.
The British Army has released a new advert showing a Muslim soldier praying as it defied critics of an inclusive recruitment campaign which critics have called ‘politically correct’.
The new film, called Keeping My Faith, shows a soldier taking off his helmet and kneeling down in prayer while his comrades wait respectfully nearby.
It is the latest step in the Army’s ‘This is Belonging’ campaign, which has featured adverts telling recruits they are allowed to be emotional and reassuring gay people that they will be accepted if they sign up.
But the videos uploaded to YouTube came under fire last week when retired Major General Tim Cross said recruits needed to know that ‘we are not going to be soft and we are not going to be nice to people’.
In the latest video the Muslim soldier is shown washing his face and using a prayer mat while his colleagues keep quiet.
The caption ‘This is Belonging’ appears as the soldier gets up again and the squad moves on with its hillside patrol.
Colonel Richard Kemp, who led British troops in Afghanistan, said the new campaign showed an Army ‘being forced down a route of political correctness’.
He said: ‘What it clearly is doing is appealing, trying to appeal, to a series of minorities who may or may not be interested in joining the forces.
‘And by doing that, it’s almost neglecting the main group of people who are interested in joining.’…

Uber driver, 26, denies attacking police officers with a 4ft samurai sword after shouting 'Allahu Akbar'outside Buckingham Palace

  • terror suspect Mohiussunnath Chowdhury, 26, appeared in court this morning
  • Pleaded not guilty to one count of engaging in preparation of terrorist acts
  • Was arrested outside Buckingham Palace after allegedly attacking officers  
An Uber driver accused of attacking police officers with a samurai sword outside Buckingham Palace as part of an alleged terror plot will go on trial.
Terror suspect Mohiussunnath Chowdhury, 26, is accused of driving a blue Toyota Prius at a marked police van on Constitution Hill on the evening of August 25 last year.
It is alleged that he then reached for a four foot long samurai sword he had stored in the well of the car, but was sprayed with CS gas and arrested as he shouted 'Allahu Akbar'.
Terror suspect Mohiussunnath Chowdhury, 26, is accused of driving a blue Toyota Prius at a marked police van on Constitution Hill on the evening of August 25 last year (This sketch of Chowdhury was taken during his last appearance in court)
Terror suspect Mohiussunnath Chowdhury, 26, is accused of driving a blue Toyota Prius at a marked police van on Constitution Hill on the evening of August 25 last year (This sketch of Chowdhury was taken during his last appearance in court)
Two officers were taken by ambulance to hospital with minor cuts and discharged a short time later. A third injured officer did not require hospital treatment.
As part of the attack Chowdhury wrote a suicide note, it has been claimed.
Today he appeared at the Old Bailey via video link and pleaded not guilty to one count of engaging in conduct in preparation of terrorist acts contrary to section 5 of the Terrorism Act 2006.

Due to communication breakdown between the court and high security Belmarsh prison, the court was not able to hear the defendant, but he was able to hear the proceedings.

Prison staff wrote out a number of signs with pieces of paper with the words of 'yes', 'no', 'guilty' and 'not guilty'.     

Chowdhury was wearing a prison issue jumper and used the pieces of paper to confirm his name and enter a plea of not guilty to the single count.

The charge alleges that he obtained a samurai sword, purchased a knife sharpener, prepared a suicide note and 'drove to the area of London adjacent to Buckingham Palace'. 

Mrs Justice Ceema-Grubbb said: 'This case will be fixed for trial to commence on June 18 this year, with an estimate of seven days.' 

Chowdhury, of Luton, Bedfordshire, was remanded in custody to appear at the same court for his trial on June 18. 

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Police hunt down and issue warnings to people who made “offensive” comments about Muslim rape gangs

What did they say that was offensive? They referred “to the race and religion of the perpetrators,” who were all Muslim. The British police are more concerned that no one notice that Muslim rape gangs are made up of Muslims acting upon Islamic principles (the permission to take non-Muslim women as sex slaves in Qur’an 4:3, 4:24, 23:1-6, 33:50, and 70:30) than they are about the Muslim rape gangs themselves. For years, British officials did not prosecute and even covered up Muslim rape gang activity for fear of being called “racist.” Now they’re wasting police resources that could and should be much better used elsewhere to track down people who are honest enough to state what is really happening: British officials are in the midst of a full capitulation to Islam and Sharia. Muslims and Islam must not be criticized, just as in a Sharia state — unless you want the police knocking on your door.
Northumbria Police have warned that “offensive” comments on the Internet will not be tolerated, tracking down users who made “potentially criminal” posts on social media about grooming gangs.
The force launched an investigation into comments left on its Facebook page in response to articles about the Operation Shelter scandal, in which young white British girls in were groomed, sexually abused and trafficked by mostly Muslim men of South Asian descent in Newcastle.
Officers made a review of every comment on the page after a member of the public complained that a number of posts referred to the race and religion of the 18 people convicted following the operation.
ChronicleLive reports that police recorded two cases of racially aggravated public order offences among responses to the news articles on Facebook, and have now tracked down six people responsible for posts “deemed to be offensive and potentially criminal”.
A spokesman from Northumbria Police said: “As a result of a complaint, we can confirm we looked into a number of comments posted on the force’s Facebook page.
“Following an investigation, which has now concluded, we spoke to two males as voluntary attenders and visited a further four people in their homes, and provided them with words of advice.
“All expressed their remorse and stated that the intention of their comments was not to cause concern or to be offensive and have acknowledged the words of advice provided.”
The spokesman added: “We would also like to take this opportunity to remind people using social media that they should do so responsibly and ensure they do not post anything which could be considered offensive.”
Campaigners and MPs had demanded that the crimes of groomers who target white girls be treated as “racially aggravated”, urging Britain’s Attorney-General to review the Newcastle gang members’ sentences after claims that the racist nature of the crimes was not reflected in their punishment.
But despite the abuse having been labeled “profoundly racist” by former director of public prosecutions Lord MacDonald, members of the grooming gang escaped the harsher sentences which accompany racially motivated crimes, with Judge Penny Moreland claiming victims were targeted “not because of their race, but because they were young, impressionable, naive and vulnerable”.