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Pakistani Inbreeding In UK Rampant Child Health Issues Political Correctness

almost 20% of the children Muslim population wow that is a far bit since Muslims are breeding at a faster rate than any other community


Asylum seeker Felix Wamala, 46, sued a company working for the Home Office over the use of force on Christmas Eve in 2011.
Mr Wamala was taken from detention and put on a flight from Heathrow to Qatar to connect with an onward service to Uganda – his home country – but a struggle occurred on board and the captain refused to carry him.
Mr Justice Walker said in a ruling made public yesterday that Mr Wamala was removed by employees of Tascor Services Ltd – formerly Reliance Secure Task Management Ltd – and dragged into a van and taken to an immigration removal centre.
Mr Wamala claimed he suffered injuries to his hands, wrists, neck, back, shoulders and legs and the incident contributed to a major depressive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder.
The company said it was entitled to use force on Mr Wamala and that he could not complain about injuries – which they said were exaggerated – arising from his own use of unreasonable force.
They argued that mental disorders had arisen from other causes.
The judge concluded that the company had no authority from the UK Border Agency to gain custody of Mr Wamala in the way they did and put him on the flight, adding that the force threatened and used constituted trespass.
He said that the company proceeded with the removal on the flight when it knew or should have known that important legal requirements had not been complied with.
“The CCTV footage of this is shocking,” he added. “Mr Wamala is crying out in pain. He is being shouted at by escorts, but appears plainly incapable of getting up.
“At one stage an escort pulls Mr Wamala into the van by the rear of his trousers … the handcuffs had not been double-locked and thus must have been digging into Mr Wamala’s wrists. The experience was both painful and degrading.”
Mr Wamala came to the UK from Uganda in 1995 and claimed asylum. That was rejected in 1997.
He made a trip to the US under a false name and a false passport and on his return was found to have cocaine in his luggage. He pleaded guilty to smuggling Class A drugs and was sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment.
Mr Wamala was deported in 1999 but returned secretly a few weeks later, saying that he had been tortured in Uganda – which was accepted.
The judge awarded £30,000 damages for his injuries, £8,000 aggravated damages and £10,000 exemplary damages. He remains in the UK while his entitlement to stay is under consideration.
Tory MP Philip Hollobone said last night: “This is yet another crazy judicial ruling in favour of those who commit crime.”
He called on the Government to “take all the steps it could to deport this man”.

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Outcry over adverts that ‘give preference to Asians for housing

ADVERTS clearly stating that Asian applicants will get priority for sheltered accommodation were condemned by a housing minister last night.

race row, housing
The advert claimed preference over housing "will be given to Asian applicants"[GETTY]
They have already sparked a fierce racism controversy in the town of Chatham in Kent.
Critics say there would be an outcry if discriminatory adverts appeared saying that priority for the taxpayer-subsidised scheme would be given to white Britons. The housing association behind the offer has defended its actions.
It insists the home is always willing to accept people from any ethnic group but says the property was built to address a lack of provision for elderly Asians.
It provides translation services specific to this group, for example.
But last night Housing Minister Kris Hopkins hit back, saying: “People want to see fair play, and social housing should be allocated to local people based on need.
“Whatever the original intent, I am concerned that any housing policy based on race will undermine good community relations and harm integration.
“This is a classic example of the gold-plating of equality rules doing more harm than good.” The Apni Haweli flats, which have a warden to keep an eye on residents, are run by Orbit Housing.
Adverts posted online say that “preference will be given to Asian applicants”.
The housing scheme was set up in partnership with a local council in 2002 specifically to ensure there was enough sheltered housing for the area’s older Asians.
asian applicants, race row, chatham, kent
Housing Minister Kris Hopkins is concerned about community relations following the housing row [ROSS PARRY]
This is a classic example of the gold-plating of equality rules doing more harm than good
Kris Hopkins, Housing Minister
Members of the public commenting online about the advert argued that its wording racially discriminates against white people.
Some warned that such adverts were a propaganda gift to the racist far-Right.
But others praised the scheme for helping people from all racial backgrounds.
Some supporters pointed out that the Asian residents may have worked and paid taxes in Britain for decades but could need extra tailored support as they grow more infirm and perhaps struggle to communicate in English.
A spokesperson for the Orbit Group said: “The scheme was funded by the Housing Corporation with a view to meeting an identified need for the Asian over-55s.”
It said this group has been found to be under-represented in sheltered housing in the Medway area.
The spokesman added: “We let our homes through a choice-based lettings scheme with Medway and Kent.
“No one has ever been declined a place here because of their ethnicity.
“Today five of the 16 residents (with two places currently empty) are ‘white British’.”
Ministers are acutely conscious of how perceptions that any particular group is getting preference for a public service can breed resentment and community divisions.
To tackle concerns about the impact of unprecedented immigration the Coalition has moved to let councils give local residents priority on housing waiting lists with new immigrants made to wait two years before they are eligible.

BBC and Channel4 ignore Sharia law demands murder of gays

Somali thug, 41, who won damages for botched deportation is jailed just weeks later for assaulting a woman

  • High Court ruled Abdi Yusuf was eligible for damages for being detained unlawfully 
  • Weeks later he was convicted of assaulting a defenceless woman in the street 
  • Yusuf had been detained after completing a previous jail term because he was considered at high risk of absconding and offending again 

High Court ruled Abdi Yusuf was eligible for damages for being detained unlawfully
High Court ruled Abdi Yusuf was eligible for damages for being detained unlawfully
A Somalian thug has made a mockery of deportation procedures by winning a compensation battle – and then continuing his one-man crimewave.
Weeks after the High Court ruled Abdi Yusuf was eligible for damages for being detained unlawfully pending deportation, the 41-year-old created more trouble.
He was convicted of assaulting a defenceless woman in the street and has been jailed for six months. Yusuf had been detained after completing a previous jail term because he was considered at high risk of absconding and offending again.
But after securing his release from an immigration removal centre and launching a court bid for compensation, he went on to commit a further violent offence. His latest jail term is likely to hold up his deportation until at least next year.
The case raises further questions about the system for kicking out foreign criminals.
At huge expense to the taxpayer, Yusuf has been fighting to stay in the UK since completing a four-year jail sentence for assault in 2012. Sources believe the state is facing a six-figure bill for compensation, court, legal and detention costs.
Yusuf came to London legally in 1989 sponsored by an aunt, Maryan Hassan. In 1992, when he was 17, he was granted indefinite leave to remain in Britain.
But he embarked on a criminal path, amassing ten convictions for 20 offences and has served prison sentences for actual and grievous bodily harm.
The jail terms served as an automatic trigger for him to be deported back to Somaliland, an independent state in Somalia.
Yusuf had been detained after completing a previous jail term because he was considered at high risk of absconding and offending again. Pictured: The flats where Yusuf lives
Yusuf had been detained after completing a previous jail term because he was considered at high risk of absconding and offending again. Pictured: The flats where Yusuf lives
At the High Court last month, a judge ruled that much of the time he was in custody awaiting deportation was justified. However, he held that due to a legal technicality the final six months he spent in detention were unlawful.

The compensation ruling came a few weeks before Yusuf was due before Stratford Magistrates in east London to stand trial for assault by beating a woman. He failed to attend the hearing and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

The trial went ahead without him and the court heard how Yusuf and his co-accused, Cali Bashir, 48, of Clapton in east London, had subjected the victim to an appalling ordeal.

On a 999 recording, a female university student pleaded with the call handler: ‘Two men are hitting her.’ She said they had started undressing her and ‘pushed her against the railings’.

She added: ‘She has got blood on her and one of the men is saying he is going to knock her out. They are saying they are going to kill her.’ In his absence, Yusuf was found guilty of one count of assault by beating. 

By chance he was arrested over a separate matter a few days later and hauled before court.

The judge described the recording as ‘the most distressing 999 call I have heard in some time’.

Scotland Yard said Yusuf was sentenced to six months in prison on June 12. His younger brother, who asked not to be named, told the Mail that Yusuf was an alcoholic who was ‘the nicest person you could meet when sober’.

Speaking at his home in north London, he added: ‘My brother is not an economic migrant. He came here because people were being murdered because of ethnic cleansing in Somalia.

‘Before he became ill through alcoholism, he was a chef and he is a big Arsenal fan.’
Yusuf’s co-accused – from Somalia – admitted two counts of assault. He was bailed to reappear for sentencing on June 29.

Asked about the case last night, a Home Office spokesman said: ‘Foreign nationals who abuse our hospitality by committing crimes in the UK should be in no doubt of our determination to deport them. We have removed more than 37,000 foreign offenders since 2010.’

Killer who 'tried to get into Buckingham Palace' flees Britain sparking border row

Ghodratollah Barani - Border force
Killer Ghodratollah Barani managed to escape the UK cross the Channel
Police issued pictures of Ghodratollah Barani after he went on the run from a secure home in May.
The 31-year-old Afghan was being detained after pleading guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility for killing a rough sleeper in London.
He has now turned up across the Channel but authorities have no idea how.
He was handed an indefinite hospital order after the Old Bailey was told he killed after “hearing voices telling him to kill someone so he could be king”.
Hours after he strangled the stranger in Marble Arch in 2013 he turned up at Buckingham Palace and demanded to see the Queen.
Barani was placed in care at the Evergreen Lodge home in Croydon, south London.
But in a major security blunder that has left border officials with red faces he was able to sneak out of the UK unhindered.
Ukip spokeswoman Jane Collins said: “With the terror threat being at its highest the lack of intelligence on the whereabouts of escaped murderers is terrifying and unacceptable. 
This is another shocking scandal highlighting failings by police and Border Force, but ultimately the Home Office, which cannot keep track of who is coming in or out – even serious offenders.

UK population sees largest increase in 70 years – 500,000 in 2016 – driven mainly by uncontrolled mass Muslim immigration

New immigration data has been released about the UK and the figures are incredibly alarming. Last yeah, the UK had the highest population growth since 1947, and guess what, it isn't due to more British babies being born.

Lib Dem candidate wrote blog claiming Brits might be running away to join ISIS because they’re bored or just fancy a wife

A PROMINENT Lib Dem candidate claimed Brits running away to join ISIS because they’re bored or just fancy a wife,
And Sarah Olney said young men signing up with the jihadis may just want to be in a gang like “mods and rockers, football hooligans and ravers”.
The Lib Dem candidate sympathised with Brits running away to join ISIS
The Lib Dem candidate sympathised with Brits running away to join ISIS
The extraordinary comments came in blog last July – two weeks after the Bastille Day massacre in Nice and the day a priest was murdered by two knife wielding IS supporters in Northern France.
Ms Olney- standing in Richmond Park, south west London – said it was vital to try and understand the reasons for the terror and to remain “liberal” in the face of such atrocities.
But she said there was “evidentally” something very attractive about young men leaving the West to join up with Islamic State.
A section of the blog put up by Sarah Olney
A section of the blog put up by Sarah Olney
She wrote: “It might just be the lure of foreign travel, the romance of getting to handle weaponry, the feeling of being part of a gang.
“Maybe, there are some diffident young men out there who are attracted by the idea of being ‘given’ a bride, and being able to bypass the whole messy business of meeting and wooing one for yourself.”

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Muslim man blames Ramadan for attacking women and baby with baseball bat

Sofian Heurtevent justified his attack because he felt unwell during Ramadan

Sofian Heurtevent, 19, attacked a couple and their baby whilst they were in their car with a baseball bat.
The glass shattered, covering their 4-month son with glass.
Heurteven tried to worm his way out of taking responsibility for his actions, telling the court: “It was during Ramadan, I did not feel well, we just wanted to scare him.”
Just because you’re fasting for Ramadan does not give you the right to go about attacking people with a baseball bat.
His brother stood nearby, brandishing a knife, the court heard.
Heurtevent was sentenced to a year in prison.
Not long enough!
He was previously released from Police custody after officers stopped him as they believed he stole a bike.
When questioned about the bike, he said:  “I stole it from your son.”.
More information about this story can be read here
We reported yesterday that a Muslim man used his car as a weapon to attack 5 men in the street.
“Lugman Aslam, 26, purpose use his vehicle as a battering ram against a group of 5 men who went flying ‘like skittles’.
Aslam had been fasting for Ramadan and could not justify his actions.
Recorder Justin Wigoder said: ‘I have to take into account the way this incident came about.
‘You reversed, not hard, into an individual which led to him and a group attacking you.
‘That incident passed and they walked off. What you did after that is totally shocking.
‘You quite deliberately drove your van at that group who were walking along the pavement.
‘I’ve seen it on CCTV and you deliberately mounted the pavement and drove straight at them and right through the middle of them at speed.
‘Some were thrown to the side and three were struck by your vehicle front-on, with one going over the bonnet and hitting the windscreen.
‘It’s quite remarkable that nobody was seriously hurt or killed and the only injuries complained of were bruises and scratches.”

Two burqa-clad women force way into apartment, attack occupants with knives and hammer

They were probably wearing niqabs, which are much more common in Britain than burqas, but the Manchester Evening News says burqas. In any case, this is, in a nutshell, why Islamic face coverings should be outlawed — as a security measure. But that would be “Islamophobic.”
“Women disguised in burkas force way into flat and attack occupants with knives and hammer,” by Alexandra Rucki, Manchester Evening News, June 22, 2017:
Women wearing ‘burkas as a disguise’ forced their way into a flat and attacked the occupants inside with knives and a hammer, police say.
Police have arrested a 25-year-old woman on suspicion of attempted murder following the violent attack which took place on Tuesday evening.
Two women, described as wearing burkas, managed to get inside the flat on Eldon Street, in Oldham .
They attacked a 20-year-old woman, who was left with cuts to her arms and a deep knife wound to her torso.
A 19-year-old woman suffered from knife wounds to her left arm and armpit.
Both women were taken to hospital following the attack but are not believed to have suffered life-threatening injuries and are said to be in a stable condition.
Greater Manchester Police have recovered two knives and a hammer from the property.
Officer investigating the attack are keen to speak to the two women involved in the attack and are following a number of enquiries….